1959 Bounty Rhodes | asking $49,500

We are proud to present Django, a 1959 Bounty 2 Yawl which not only represents a rare piece of history but also serves as a highly capable blue-water sailing vessel. This presents a unique opportunity to acquire one of the initial fiberglass sailing vessels of its size ever manufactured, with only 100 units in existence.

Derived from the earlier ALTAIR/RHODES 29, the BOUNTY II stands out as one of the initial sailboats of its size constructed using fiberglass. The builder specifically commissioned its design to align with the then-emerging fiberglass construction techniques, enlisting the expertise of William Garden for adaptation.
The 1958 fiberglass 41 Rhodes Bounty sailboat is a distinctive relic from its era, notable for its robust construction. In an era where thick fiberglass hulls were customary, this vessel boasts an impressive thickness of up to 1 1/2 in the hull and ¾ on the top deck. Crafting a similar boat today with such thickness would be a formidable task, enhancing the assurance of sailing confidently on the open ocean.
This classic sailboat embodies timeless elegance, exceptional craftsmanship, performance, and safety.


$ 49,500

Length: 41 ft
Location: Martinique

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