1999 Bristol Channel Cutter Bristol Channel Cutter 28', 28 ft | asking $120,000


  The Sam L. Morse Bristol Channel Cutter is a legendary 28-foot sailboat known for its incredible craftsmanship and exceptional sea-worthiness. Designed by Lyle Hess, this bluewater cruiser is highly regarded for its traditional design, robust construction, and superb sailing performance.

Indigo is Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Bristol Channel Cutter features a full keel, a cutter rig, and a canoe stern - all contributing to its excellent stability and seaworthiness. The boat?s heavy displacement and solid fiberglass hull make it capable of handling challenging sea conditions with ease, making it a popular choice among offshore sailors and long-distance cruisers.

The prior owners of Indigo who owned Rouge Wave Yachts, considered by many  the worlds  experts of BCC boats. This was their personal boat ! Set up by them, with all the experienced gathered  over a career of sailing the BCC. Every detail attended to and immaculately cared for. Making Indigo the premiere BCC28 available on the market today , and she could be yours now ! The broker will deliver her anywhere in the world for the new owners ...

The interior of the Bristol Channel Cutter is cozy and well-appointed, with beautiful woodwork and practical layout maximizing the use of space. The craftsmanship is evident in every corner of the boat, from the hand-finished teak to the bronze fittings, showcasing the dedication to quality and tradition that defines this vessel.

Overall, the Sam L. Morse Bristol Channel Cutter is a true classic in the world of sailboats, cherished for its timeless beauty, exceptional craftsmanship, and unmatched ability to take sailors safely across oceans and seas. 


$ 120,000

Length: 28 ft
Location: Vedbaek

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