2013 Lagoon 450 F, 45 ft | asking $250,000

Sailing Swan

Sailing Swan has been a successful day charter boat in St. Croix since 2019. During Hurricane Irma in 2017, she lost her rig and needed fiberglass repairs. As part of her refit, she received new standing and running rigging, upgraded electronics including radar, a new heavy-duty trampoline, refurbished sails, an Onan 11kw generator, and rebuilt engines.

The interior of the boat presents very well, showing less wear than expected for a charter boat. The exterior shows signs of repairs around the transom steps, but these do not affect the overall impression of the boat. She was surveyed in 2019 and rated in “above average” condition, with a valuation of $585,000.


Some outstanding jobs:

Port Saildrive seals are leaking and she needs a bottom paint

The bulkheads require work. The port bulkhead is starting to separate and the starboard side bulkhead is said to be broken; there is also work needed to the aft bulkheads.

The seller talked through slime options with a company in Grenada in 2022

Here are the notes:

Some had substantial deformation like yours and worse. For those repairs we had the boat blocked up in the yard, supported with beams and props on the underbridge to straighten out the deformation before we start the repair. The interior stripped away, the interior totally covered-up and protected. The bulkheads were doubled up with big composite laminated marine ply pieces all the way to under the floor areas, then covered with a u shape fiberglass/composite cover all glued in with epoxy, the interior all put back together as it was before and thoroughly cleaned afterwards. The other bulkheads where only a goop was used and cracked would be fixed and glassed over with a couple of layers of Biaxial and epoxy resin and painted accordingly... We have all work signed off by a Naval Architect for resale purposes... All can be much better explained in person... For the above work the price was approximately US $ 36500.00, but we would need to access first... Also necessary aft bulkhead repairs included in the price…

Even with the bulkheads accounted for, she still offers significant value!



$ 250,000

Length: 45 ft
Location: Tortola

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