August 4: Borders to the BVI remain closed to all visitors at this timeand are only open to citizens and residents until further notice. As of June 1st we have be able to help move boats out of the territory to complete deals and to deliver boats to new owners. We are still open for business, and have various solutions in place to aid any potential buyers and sellers in continuing their boat transactions. Additionally we have options for management or delivery of vessel. Our offices are open during regular business hours, however email as always remains the best means of contact.

September 22: The BVI will be reopened to international visitors from December 1st 2020, the guidelines for which will be published shortly.

BVI Yacht sales

‘The Caribbean Yacht Brokers You Can Trust’

BVI Yacht Sales is one of the leading Caribbean yacht brokers,  in one of the largest yachting  destinations in the world. We provide a stress-free buying and selling experience, which produces the best deals for the right prices- whether you’re looking for a hurricane damaged boat for sale, or a nearly new yacht, we have you covered.

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Visit: Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVI

SellING A Boat

At BVI Yacht Sales we place our clients at the heart of everything that we do, regardless of if you’re listing or buying. We understand that when choosing a broker it is important that the process be straight-forward and stress free- so use  a BVI yacht broker that you can trust! We currently have a wide range of Caribbean sailboats for sale, from nearly new, to boat salvage sales.



We help make it easy! We recognise that a lot of our clients don’t live in the BVI and so it’s important that we make the purchase process an enjoyable experience. We know the boats we are selling very thoroughly due to our extensive listing process and will answer any enquiries promptly- Caribbean yacht sales are our specialty!



What you will need to list your boat with us:

– Notarized Bill of Sale to you

– Copy of your Passport

– Registration for the vessel (if you have not registered the vessel we will need to have a copy of the previous registration that matches the seller’s name on your Bill of Sale) 

selling your yacht?

At BVI Yacht Sales we place our clients needs at the heart of everything that we do, we understand that when choosing a yacht brokerage, it is important that the process be straightforward and stress-free! If you’re thinking of listing your yacht for sale in the Caribbean, there really is no better brokerage- time after time we lead in sales throughout the Caribbean. In the first quarter of 2020, we sold 50% more boats than the next leading brokerage, despite the ongoing pandemic! If you’d like a no-obligation discussion about the listing process or how much your yacht could sell for in today’s market, fill out our listing form using the link below, and we’ll be in touch.

no travel required- we offer virtual appointments

We’re here to help make it as simple as possible for you to buy the boat of your dreams, without letting anything get in the way. In response to the pandemic, we are offering a range of online services, including the option for live virtual viewings for yachts, video-calling with our brokers and custom video walk-throughs to answer any questions you might have- the BVI may be closed to tourists, but we definitely aren’t!

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