BVI Coronavirus Entry Requirements Released

Nov 11, 2020Articles

BVI Coronavirus Reopening Protocol Guidelines

BVI Coronavirus entry guidelines and protocols have been released ahead of the December 1st reopening!

On the 10th November 2020, 3 weeks before the BVI officially reopens to tourists, the Government of the Virgin Islands have released a comprehensive set of entry guidelines for the public.

The original guidelines released previously have since been amended following the November 6th Cabinet meeting, with the removal of the required negative test on day 8 of your stay. The new tourism entry guidelines now also address the marine and yachting industry. 

Air borders to open December 1st, approved marine borders to open December 8th

Premier Fahie of the BVI said the following in the 8pm announcement:

“All travellers for entry to the Territory, inclusive of all citizens, Belongers, permanent residents and work permit holders, will be required to pay for the traveller app, monitoring bracelet and the required two tests (entry and four-day) at a total charge of $175 per person. This is significant reduction from what was previously mentioned. […] Cabinet also agreed travellers requiring a test from a government facility to facilitate exit from the Territory will be charged seventy dollars ($70.00) per test”

Travellers or other persons will be charged a $125 fee if any tampering or damage occurs to the monitoring bracelets.

Carvin Malone, the Minister of Health, went on to detail the exact protocol requirements for all persons entering the territory from the December 1st date onwards, stating that all travellers will be required to download the approved app, and be issued a travel certificate prior to entry.

A negative test taken on day 8 of visit no longer necessary

The following guidelines for testing were set by Cabinet:

  1. A Certified RT-PCR COVID-19 negative test within five days prior to arrival for all travellers from low risks countries; and within three days prior to arrival for all travellers from medium and high risks countries.
  2. A test on arrival, which if negative, allows controlled movement within the confines of an approved property; and
  3. A test after 4 complete days of quarantine, which if negative, allows movement within the Territory.

If any traveller tests positive for Covid-19 prior to their arrival into the BVI, they will be denied entry into the territory. In the event of any of the RT-PCR tests returning positive, the traveller will be required to quarantine for a full 14 day period. 

Protocols for arrival by vessel into the BVI released

Entry protocols for guests wishing to enter the territory by boat from December 8th are as follows:

  1. Four (4) days quarantine will be undertaken on the vessels at mooring sites to be approved by the Minister for Health and Social Development in consultation with the Minister for Natural Resources, Labour and Immigration;
  2. Cabinet decided that vessels will be able to move within territorial waters during the quarantine period but they may only moor at approved sites as approved by the Minister for Health and Social Development in consultation with the Minister for Natural Resources, Labour and Immigration;
  3. That Mega yachts will be approved entry in accordance with established marine protocols, except otherwise as approved by the Minister for Health and Social Development.

The Government of the Virgin Islands has previously indicated that travellers would need to show proof of medical travel insurance that includes treatment for Covid-19. 

Watch the full 10th November announcement below:


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