1993 Laurent Giles Vertue Gaff Cutter, 25 ft | asking $15,000


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The Vertue 25 sailboat is a classic and elegant vessel that has captured the hearts of many sailing enthusiasts. Known for its sturdy construction, graceful lines, and seaworthiness, the Vertue 25 is a true example of British craftsmanship.......

Designed by the renowned naval architect, Laurent Giles, the Vertue 25 was first introduced in the early 1930s. Its compact size and exceptional sailing performance quickly made it a favored choice among sailors seeking a small but capable cruising yacht.

Measuring approximately 25 feet in length, the Vertue 25 boasts a full keel design, which provides excellent stability and tracking, making it a reliable and safe choice for long-distance voyages. Despite its modest dimensions, the boat?s well-thought-out deck layout and efficient use of space allow for comfortable accommodations on board.

The Vertue 25 features a spacious cockpit that offers ample seating and excellent visibility, ensuring a pleasurable sailing experience. The boat?s rigging is traditionally designed, with a tall mast and a cutter or sloop configuration, providing versatility and efficient sail handling in various wind conditions.

Inside the cabin, the Vertue 25 offers a cozy and practical living space. The interior is typically crafted from high-quality wood, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The boat can comfortably accommodate a small crew, with basic amenities such as a galley, sleeping quarters, and a compact head.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Vertue 25 is its seaworthiness. It has a proven track record of crossing oceans and handling challenging weather conditions with ease. The boat?s solid construction and robust build make it capable of handling rough seas and provide a sense of security to its occupants.

Over the years, the Vertue 25 has gained a loyal following of sailors who appreciate its traditional charm, seaworthiness, and excellent sailing capabilities. Whether embarking on coastal cruising or long-distance passages, the Vertue 25 continues to be a reliable and desirable choice for those seeking adventure on the open waters.

In conclusion, the Vertue 25 sailboat is a true classic that embodies the essence of traditional sailing. Its combination of elegant design, sturdy construction, and exceptional performance has solidified its place in maritime history and captivated the hearts of sailing enthusiasts worldwide.

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$ 15,000

Length: 25 ft
Location: St Thomas

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