BVI Yacht Sales Merges With Southern Trades Brokerage!

Jul 24, 2020Articles

From July, Bvi yacht sales has merged with southern trades brokerage here in the bvi!

While Southern Trades still operates as a yacht management business, the Southern Trades brokerage has officially merged with BVI Yacht Sales, operating under the BVI Yacht Sales name and location. Southern Trades has been operating since 1977 in the heart of the Caribbean, and we are pleased to announce the on-boarding of their established yacht broker Bob Carson, who has over 40 years experience in the yacht brokerage industry. 

Southern Trades brokerage in the BVI has long specialized in the discreet sale of active crewed charter yacht businesses, a new venture we are excited to incorporate into BVI Yacht Sales. Many of their charter yacht listings that we have taken on include income producing charter businesses, that can either be owner operated or professionally crewed. 

Our newest broker, Bob Carson, is familiar with all the facets of doing business in the BVI; from Trade License and Work Permit procurement, BVI Yacht Registry, Off Shore Company Registry and Off Shore Banking. Among his specialties in yacht sales is the growing market for yachts for sale in the Caribbean that could make viable and profitable charter yachts. Many of our brokers have chartered their own yachts in the Caribbean, and with the Southern Trades sister company that oversees the charter liaison for 90 crewed charter yachts, we are confident that we at BVI Yacht Sales will be able to supply you with the best start in the crewed charter industry.

Why should you consider buying a yacht used in the crewed yacht charter industry?

Most of the listings we have taken over from Southern Trades Yacht Sales are active, crewed charter yachts for sale; here’s why you should consider purchasing one even if you do not want to continue in the charter yacht industry.

1. These are not “Bare Boat” yacht charters that have been heavily chartered without full-time, professional crews on board to handle all maintenance issues, the yachts are kept and maintained to a much higher standard.

2. The level of competition in the crewed Caribbean charter yacht industry is very high, therefore; to compete the yacht needs to be in as near to perfect condition as possible. If guests board the yacht for a week and find all sorts of issues, that yacht will quickly be out of business. All the charter yacht brokers through-out the world send their guests follow up letters asking about the yacht, the crew, the food, the itinerary, etc. If there are any negatives, that broker will stop booking that charter yacht as well as usually passing this information to associates in the industry, and they too stop booking.

3. If there is an issue with the yacht during a charter, the crew needs to be able to take care of it immediately, so all crewed charter yachts for sale have an extremely extensive list of spare parts, both on the yacht and in storage. The repairs need to be made instantly so as not to upset or spoil the guests’ vacation, so a crewed charter yacht is very well stocked with spare parts.

4. The old saying about “the man with the most toys win” holds very true in the crewed charter industry! All these charter yacht businesses for sale have far more toys and sports equipment than any private yacht out there- the list includes large, powerful inflatables capable of towing all the water skis, tubes, wake boards, wake skates, kneeboards that you could want! These yachts have tons of board games, video equipment, WiFi connectivity, large screen TV’s (many with TV’s in each cabin) DVD players, dive and snorkel gear, windsurfers, SUP paddle boards, surfboards, kayaks, kite boards, and so much more. The more toys, the larger the circle of prospective guests the yacht will appeal to.

5. If you intend on staying in the crewed charter yacht industry, almost all of the yachts have pre-booked, ongoing, income producing charters that can be included in the sale.

6. Bob has frequently told clients over the years “I will match any of the crewed charter yachts in our fleet with any sister ship sitting at the local yacht club back home and I’ll pretty much guarantee the crewed charter yacht is in better condition and far better equipped”

We are aware of the negative comments in the yacht sales industry about buying a charter boat, but please do not mistake a first class, luxury crewed charter yacht with a typically run down “bareboat”. It is in both your and our best interest to see that the yacht is as successful as possible in the charter industry. After all these years, and after many hundreds of owners, we feel confident in our ability to help make your yacht as successful as possible. If this doesn’t change your mind about buying a charter business for sale, nothing will!

At BVI Yacht Sales we cater to everyone, we have a range of used boats for sale for every buyer in the market, from ready to sail away today yachts, to project catamarans- we are committed to finding you the perfect yacht of your dreams, at a fraction of the cost of a new vessel. We are also committed to all our sellers who have wisely decided to list their yacht with us- we continue to tirelessly marketing your used yachts for sale across multiple platforms, ensuring we find the perfect buyer for you.

If you’re considering selling your yacht, contact us today for a free, no obligation valuation – there’s a reason we consistently top the market for Caribbean yacht sales. We can be reached through email at [email protected] or you can contact any of our brokers directly here!


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